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Top 10 Best WhatsApp Mod Apps Worth Trying in 2020

The best WhatsApp mod apps are frequently download and used by tech-savvies due to the user-friendly interference and enhanced customize features. WhatsApp messenger is frequently used for video call and messaging as well as audio texts and sending pictures across any smartphone.

WhatsApp lets users connect globally no matter what the location. However, the official WhatsApp Messenger App has a plain interference with limited features like backgrounds, stickers, last seen, and more. To make a more interesting interference, tech-savvies have designed the Mod WhatsApp version of the App.

It is a third-party application modify to make it more intriguing and fun to use. You can do so much more than the standard WhatsApp which includes hiding the blue ticks, hiding your typing status, enhance fonts. A variety of emojis and stickers are also available, so you can enjoy the mod Appversion limitlessly.

Top 10 Best WhatsApp Mod Apps Worth Trying

Software programmers have launched many versions of WhatsApp Mods which come with over-whelming features to choose from, however, some of them stand out from the rest having extraordinary features. Customization of the App is at your fingertips so you can manage the App according to your accessibility and requirement.

10 Best Modded WhatsApp Versions

Choosing the right Amazing mod WhatsApp can be complicate and you must know whiTop 10 Best Whats-app ch ones are the best in accordance with the features it offers. Here is a list of the 10 Great WhatsApp mod Apps with the best reviews!

1. GBWhatsApp Mod APK

GBWhatsApp Mod APK


WhatsApp GB is a pro application that offers features like group calls, lets you use dual accounts. You can keep the original WhatsApp App and GB for WhatsApp also. We can say it is the customized version of the original WhatsApp. It is modified and upgraded so that you can enjoy more than just the basic features which include hiding the last seen from certain contacts, turning off blue ticks for some contacts, and much more.

 10 Best WatsApp Mod Apps

Some of the distinct features GBWhatsApp offers are:

24 hours of online status
Auto-replying to messages
Choose a language to chat in
WhatsApp conversations on the private chat option.
Hides double ticks, shows single ticks, hides blue ticks
Copy and save a friend’s WhatsApp status
Lets users keep dual accounts.
You don’t need to turn on media downloading for all the contacts and spam your pictures folder. Just turn on media downloading for your favorite contacts.
Mention a specified person while in a group chat with the mention option more easily.
A “message revoke” option is also available so you can revoke your sent messages.
“Auto-Reply” features are so helpful on a busy day so you can keep track of important contacts and reply immediately.
Broadcast messages can be sent to up to 600 contacts.

2. FM WhatsApp App

It is a trending app that offers various features similar to GB WhatsApp, in fact, it has more. Developed by Fouad Mokdad, the app has more features than the regular original WhatsApp. The specialties this app has are listed below:

Customizing user interference.
Run multiple accounts using the same phone
Videos longer than 1minute and up to 5 minutes can be downloaded
Lets your selected contacts call you so the caller list for WhatsApp can be filtered.
A file size of up to 700 MB can be exchanged Via Chats.
Privacy Feature: Totally hiding ticks is possible even if the message is received and read by you, with no double ticks or single ticks.
Bug fixes and upgrades for voice and video calling options.
Privacy on certain chats by using a pattern/pin password
Mark as a reading option available via notification center
Themes also include bubble styles and more

3. WhatsApp Plus mod

Another modified version of the original WhatsApp app with extended features is WhatsApp plus mod. As the name suggests, the plus features are added to make this application secure and accessible. These include:


Enabling and disabling blue ticks
A WhatsApp plus moded version offers to add up to 256 members in a group at a time.
More than 10 HD images can be shared at one time Via Chat
WhatsApp messages can be scheduled to be sent later
App lock option available which is inbuilt
Most importantly it has the “Anti-Ban” feature so the user never gets banned for using forked WhatsApp.
An “always online” status can be enabled
File size of 30MB can be sent across chats
Supports enhanced video calling options
Document size of 100MB can be sent and forwarded at a click
Tight privacy options are available for security purposes.

4. OGWhatsApp Mod

The modded version lets users use two accounts with two different numbers for OGWhatsApp with smooth running. Features various themes to choose from for interference displays, large data can be transferred or audios and video files.


The developer; David was the first one to launch an app that lets you have two different phone number accounts on the same phone making it feasible for users rather than carrying two different smartphones. Unique Features offered are:

Launcher icon mode can be changed
Message texts can be copied
Blocking some OGWhatsApp calls for certain contacts is possible
Lock mode for the App is available
The limit of characters increased to 35 for the group name
Status characters increased up to 225 characters
90 images can be sent in one click
Supports multiple languages

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5. WhatsApp Prime

Another third-party application which offers added features of customization and themes to select from. Although it is similar to the original WhatsApp, it has some distinct features also:

Users can view contacts last seen without having to open the chatbox
WhatsApp Profile pictures can be zoomed out and in
The emojis are similar to Facebook Messenger’s
Smaller in size so occupies less memory space
Previews media without the need to download.

6. WhatsApp Tweaker

This is not basically a modded application but is in fact used to customize the original WhatsApp features. WhatsApp BETA available on play store lets you make changes and add features to your WhatsApp. This modded app is helpful and powerful for smooth WhatsApp running. These include:

Increasing the quality of WhatsApp status
Lets the user change UI font
Disables delivery reports
Messages can be anti-recalled
Disables read messages
Does not show typing status
Enables editor and mentions
Enables quick GIF option
Tool for adding new group admin
Enables group links for invites
WhatsApp expiration date can easily be bypass
Multi-task can be enabled

7. YCW WhatsApp

This App’s interference is similar to Instagram so frequent users of Instagram are automatically attracted to use this modded version of WhatsApp. Ideal for users who have a business related to photography as photo sharing is fast and smooth. The size of this application is 23MB making it pretty feasible to use on smartphones. Prominent features of YCW WhatsApp are:

Supports lengthy videos making video sharing easier
This application comes with Gesture control which is pretty cool
Download statuses of your contacts
Font size and shape can be modified
Comes with loaded emojis and stickers
Long stories can be easily downloaded

8. YOWhatsApp

The YoWhatsApp developed by Yousef-Al-Basha is an excellent version of the original WhatsApp which won’t ban your account. The app has a user-friendly interference plus it offers various customization and themes. A unique feature includes:


The clipboard option lets users copy statuses
A myriad of new emojis are available to choose from
User can hide they’re last to seem for selected contacts on the list
Supports more than 100 languages to chat in
Official WhatsApp can be used with YO WhatsApp
The Internet can be disabled for WhatsApp messenger while using other social apps.
Call blocking option for individual contacts
Group Video call option enable
Media files of up to 50MB can be download and sent
Chat hiding option is also available
The selfie Flash option is also enable
Disable voice calls
The app doesn’t get the user’s ban.

9. WhatsApp Indigo

If customization and app interference is a priority for the user, then this app is the best and most suited for such users. Offers classic to solid colors including greys, crayons, and smokes, themes display are bubbles and more making it intriguing for the users. Basically, the app looks very attractive and is easy to use. Various features of this App are:

Hides your activity on WhatsApp messenger
Has an always-online mode
Hides double and single ticks
Large files sizes of up to 75Mb can be sent Via chat
HD quality pictures are easier to send and many can be sent in one tap
Users can send doodle images
Clears recent emojis
Group invitation to contacts is easier to send

10. WhatsApp MA : WhatsApp mod apps

This one is last on our list but it offers no fewer features than the previously listed modded version of the original WhatsApp. Specifically for Android users, this app has a dark theme and a changeable font size option plus it can be reverted to the old UI also. The outstanding features of this App are:

Lets the users make standard calls by a separately available option on the App.
Private chat mode is available
Hides archived messages
Unnecessary log files are automatically deleted
The option to preview media before downloading it is available.
Chat lock for chosen contacts is available
How to Download WhatsApp mod Apps?
Type how to download mod WhatsApp on your search engine, a number of sites will open up and you have to click on either with the best ratings.
The page that will open up will need you to click on a link that will automatically start downloading the selected mod WhatsApp.
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Final Words:

Launch the app on your Android device by simply clicking the icon on your home screen.
A phone number will be asked for verification, enter that.
Clear the verification process of your phone number, it will send you a One Time Password.
Next, enter your name!
And you are all set to experience the best WhatsApp mod apps of your choice.
Permission for Mod applications
When the users download WhatsApp mod, various settings are asked to access such as

Vibration settings
Access to messages
Access to contact lists
Final Word
These are the 10 best WhatsApp mod apps versions. However, if you want to experience a different version of WhatsApp which are packed with powerful features then you must try either of these modded apps. Not only are these modded WhatsApp applications useful for business ventures but also for socializing and more interactive conversation.