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Why Use WordPress Plugins?

There are several uses of WordPress plugins. They often used to speed up your website, minify the HTML, JavaScript or CSS, to protect your site from spam or to clear page cache. Even they also used for Optimizing on page SEO or shows you site stats. So, that’s why I have created a short list of plugins which every new blogger need.

Here is the List:

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast: –

Yoast SEO helps you to optimize your post SEO and gives you some tips to improve your on-page SEO. This plugin is very well-known for the Expert Bloggers. You can also use this plugin to see SEO score of your post. Yoast comes in both free and premium versions. With premium words, you can select 4 focus keywords from your article so that you can get more chances to rank your post as of free version you only can choose 1 focus keyword. This plugin is best for On-Page SEO optimization.

2. BackupBuddy: –

As the name says everything this WordPress plugin helps you to backup your website like plugins, installed themes, database etc. You can set the Schedule to backup your files. You can download the backup file in the zip or you can remotely store your files using BackupBuddy. It supports google drive, Amazon S3 or BackupBuddy Stash. So, when you migrate your website then you could restore your whole website within clicks. This is a premium plugin.

3. W3 Total Cache: –

W3 total cache is a free plugin. This plugin helps you to speed up your website performance which is very necessary for SEO. This plugin minifies your HTML, CSS & JavaScript which uses to boost your website speed. This is one of the best plugins for optimization and clearing cache of your site.

4. Contact Form 7: –

This plugin helps you to create a form for your contact us which is very must page to get your website approved for the AdSense (If you want to know more about how to get approved AdSense fast, click here to read). You just need to install plugin and active. Then you will be given a shortcode. Just make new page Title Contact us write a brief description and then paste that code below. That’s all.

5. WP Socializer: –

WP Socializer is one of best plugin to add the native sharing button on your website which helps your visitor to share posts easily and fast. This is all in one social sharing plugin having a lot of customization and tons of social media icons. With the use of this plugin, you will get more shares for your website. you can add the floating buttons as well as the sticky buttons down in the post or up in the post.

6. WP Smush: –

This cool plugin helps you compressing the larger images into smaller sizes which speed up your website and get you a higher score on the Google Page Insights. This amazing plugin automatically compresses all the new images you upload on your website. This will compress your thumbnail, feature image, your posted image etc.

7. Disqus: –

Disqus is a commenting plugin which helps your website from spamming comments. This plugin will replace WordPress commenting box with their own commenting box. This is very useful to protect your site from spammers.

8.Easy AdSense: –

This plugin is best for inserting the Google AdSense ads in between the post. You can add the Ads in 9 locations like your home page, between posts, categories, custom posts types etc. with this plugin you won’t only put the Ads on AdSense, but you can also put the Amazon Affiliate link, Chitika Bidvertiser, BuySell Ads, Clicksor and many more other ads providing website. You can add multiple Ads in one place. This is the All in one ad posting plugin.

9. AdSense Invalid Click Protector (AICP): –

AdSense invalid click protector is the best plugin to protect your AdSense from invalid clicks. Sometimes your neighbors, friends, or your enemy clicks on your Ad continuously to suspend your account or for your good deed in their point of view. Then this plugin helps you protect from these clicks because Google AdSense has clearly warned you from invalid click activity. You can set maximum limit of click, block any user which click on your ad more than your click limit, you can also ban the countries from displaying ads, you can see the banned IP addresses in your WordPress admin panel also you can delete the banned IP addresses from the list one by one or by bulk selection. This is very necessary for all the users who are using AdSense to protect their AdSense account.

10. Login Lockdown: –

Login Lockdown helps you to protect your WordPress website from attackers. With this plugin, you can set the maximum login attempts. When someone tried to enter the password more then your limit this plugin will automatically lockdown your login session for 1 hour. This tool is best for your website security.

Final Words: – These are some best and very useful must have WordPress plugins which every new and pro-Blogger or Website owner need. I will upload my list as soon as I found some new and useful plugins for your website.