Best On-Page SEO Techniques (Study Case 2019)

On Page SEO Techniques: Every SEO strategy is focused on ranking as high as possible in the search engines. To do this, we all try to design and develop a website that Google’s secret algorithm will love. That’s basically what SEO is about. The factors in Google’s algorithm can be divided into two categories which will determine the ranking of your website: on-page SEO factors and off-page factors. Here, I’ll explain the importance of on-page SEO Ranking factors.

So here in this guide, you’ll learn everything about the On-Page SEO.

Google forever provides High-Quality results to their users or guests, what they’re looking for Google search. this is often the most reason for wide use quality of Google program.

Google could be a search engine, not the entire web or the internet.

Search Engine is a Combination of algorithms that filter then shows information per user’s needs.

Google continuously changes their algorithms to boost give more quality, to their users. currently, Question is that how Google scan or understand content or topic?? I mean, what a User find show results associated with user’s question.

Every search engine has robots, known as bots or crawlers. These crawlers reach sites or web content to search out content associated with user’s question or search term. These bots or crawlers scan your page’s Meta Tags to understand about topics of that page. Then according to quality, links, DA, etc. provides ranks to different Sites or pages in SERP.

Higher the rank means that Higher the standard of a web page or website, in different ways. For that reason each webmaster does SEO. SEO means that search engine optimization. SEO starts with Quality.

  • Quality in your Content
  • Quality in Your Webpage

Google’s statement regarding SEO

If you’ve got these things on your website you’ll in all probability rank 1st in the Google search.

SEO increase your site’s visibility, indexing in search engines can reach or realize your content or website simply. therefore in the results, you rank higher in Google.

According to Brian Dean, Ranking in Google depends upon 200+ factors. In different words, Google Counts or Checks 200+ Factors to rank a website in SERP.

But in an easy method, Google Ranking Depends upon 2 Factors

  • The Quality of your website
  • Trust/ popularity

To Increase the quality Of your website, you have the need to do On–page SEO. find out how to try and do SEO in 2019??

What is On page SEO

On-page factors all have to do with elements of your own website. On-page factors include technical set-up – the quality of your code – textual and visual content and user-friendliness of your site. it’s the fundamental part of SEO.

NOTE: there are 2 factors almost same therefore don’t be confused with them.

On-site SEO – this can be for the full or Entire website. it’s done with Permalink Structure, Sitemap etc. on-site mean for the full website.

On-Page SEO – it’s done on a page of your website. It includes Headings, Keywords density, inserting word counting etc

How to do On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is done on a webpage to boost its Quality to create it simple and fully understandable by the search engine.

  • A  Web-Page is termed excellent Webpage if it has;
  • About a specific or single topic.
  • Unique Content
  • Having Subject to Title Tag, URL, Image Alt Text, and in Body
  • Link back to its category or Homepage.

Content Of the Page

Understand your audience. think about what they need. Write for your audience not for Google.

Your Content should be free from any kind of errors or mistakes. It shouldn’t be copied from the other sources i.e., plagiarized because if you copied from another source your website be gets penalized from Google also your AdSense will be banned. So, always write your own content. If you have well written, informative High-Quality content, then there are 65th possibilities to rank high in Google.

Use and target long tail keywords in your Content with a close 1 Chronicles Keyword Density With its LSI or relative keywords. Because long tail keywords rank in google very fast because they have low competition. By using Long Tail Keywords, you won’t only rank this keyword even your single keywords get ranked in Google fast.

Avoid over SEO keyword usage or density. more than 5-hitter Keyword Density otherwise your site will be considered as spam.

Use Media in your Content Like as pictures, videos, Infographics etc.

Write minimum 700 words content.

 Post Title

Write a beautiful, Descriptive title for your post. Use the targeted keyword in your post title. Your title should be in 65 characters with spaces. Try to use your keyword at the beginning of your title. Use your targeted keyword in title only once.

Post Permalink Structure

Write understandable URL for your post. it’s the address of your post. Use your targeted keywords in the URL. Avoid using symbols, numbers and special characters in the permalink.

First, you need to open your website and enter in dashboard

Now head to the Setting and then go to permalinks and choose the Post Name in Permalink settings



This the best example of the permalink.

Heading Tags

Always use heading tags in your content to write down heading, subheadings, special points.

Use the H1 tag to write down post title only don’t repeat it. In WordPress, the post title is already within the H1 tag. therefore don’t use or repeat it.

Use H2, H3 tags for a subheading, sub-subheading severally to write down subheadings.

Meta Tags

These tags offer info regarding your website to Google. Write descriptive, well-structured Meta tags for your website. It should be 250 Words including spaces.

To edit your Meta tags, you must install the Yoast SEO plugin in your WordPress.

Internal & External Linking

Interlink your all posts with one another. Connect your posts with another post in the same category. it’ll facilitate your browsers to read a lot of content on your website and pay longer. It also decreases your bounce rate which helps to get high rank in Google.

It additionally helps you by providing a lot of info regarding your post to Google.

You can use external links that ought to be relevant to your post to supply a lot of info to your readers or guests.

External linking helps you to induce a lot of trust from Google that you simply have helpful info for your readers.

But the link to trusty and well-established sites Only to offer external links in your post.interlinking-in-SEO

Social Share

Placing social sharing buttons for your post helps your subscriber to easily share your post on social media sites which helps you to get more visitors to your website and gets the social signals for your website. Social presence could be a considered a huge part of Google SEO.


Page Speed

Make sure your website doesn’t take an excessive amount of time to load. If it happening then it’s a giant issue in ranking.

Now Google considers it as an element. Use Google Page Speed Checker tool.

Your website ought to be load in a pair of seconds. It helps you to enhance your ranking have interaction a lot of audience along with your website.


Professional style

Your website ought to be neat & clean style with an expert look in step with your niche or practicality. There ought to be no errors or no broken links on your website. your website should be mobile friendly. For this, you can use the AMP plugin for your website. Avoid the broken links, the broken links create 404 error which hates the Google most. So, when you found broken links simply redirect it to your homepage with 301 Redirect.

Use LSI keywords in body & H2 or H3.

LSI stands for Latent semantic indexing. Search Engines like Google don’t like using Same Keywords repeatedly. it’s referred to as Keyword stuffing that is very objectionable to the search engine.

You have to avoid this repetition of main keywords using LSI keywords. it’s cool to us and for the search engines.

For example:- If you’re writing an article concerning “Car Repairing” then repetition one word (Car Repairing) will make your article keyword stuffed thus rather repetition your main keyword you’ll be able to use keywords like “Auto Repair”, “Car Troubleshooting” and far more, that look a lot of organic.


Points Related to On-Page SEO

  1. Use your targeted keyword in title & permalink.
  2. Always use your targeted keyword in the first paragraph.
  3. Use your targeted keyword in Image alt text.
  4. Compress images before use to reduce load time.
  5. don’t use large images in your post. 

Final Words:

These are the techniques of On-Page SEO. When you do all these above steps then you will have 65% to rank the 1st page on Google. Because now Google focus on the On-Page SEO than the Off-Page SEO. SEO starts with the On-Page because if your site doesn’t have professional look or your site is slow, and your content is meaningless and plagiarized. Then you should remember that No matter how many backlinks you create your site will never rank your website on Google for the Long-Term. So just follow these few simple and easy steps to make your Website SEO-Friendly.


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