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Nomao Camera APK | X Ray 2020 Android and iOS Free Download

Nomao Camera APK App is an X ray camera app for smartphones. This alternative   camera app can give you the capability to see the bodies of the people without clothes while they are wearing them. Best thing is this is the only camera app which is able to do that.

There are lots of X ray camera apps on the market that says it’s X ray but all those are fake apps. So don’t be fooled by those apps and Download Nomao Camera App Officially For your smartphone from this official site.

nomao camera app download 2020

Nomao Camera App Download

The Nomao Camera app 2020 latest version with X-Ray Feature free download for Android and iOS

Install From Play Store Nomao App file.

What is Nomao Camera App?

As mentioned above Nomao App is an alternative camera app for smartphones. There are a lot of alternative camera apps for smartphones. But Nomao camera app is totally different than the other camera apps. It because of the functions and features of it.

Nomao Camera App is available for both Android and iOS devices. This app is not available for PCs. Because Normally these type of camera apps do not use on PC. Therefore no need for using an Android Emulator to run this app on the PC. This is only made for Smartphone users.

When talking about the functions and features of this Camera Application, We can use this Nomao Camera App to take Photos and Videos just like the other alternative Camera Apps. And also you can change filters and Effects, and take selfies.

But it’s not the main function of this Camera Application. There is Nomao Magic out here. Yes, there is a Magic Function on this Application that the other alternative camera applications and default camera applications do not have.

The Magic is you can see the things that your normal eye can’t see through this camera application.