Long Tail Keywords And How To Find Them

Long tail keywords are the key to success in online marketing as well as SEO.

Keywords are the essence of SEO. you’ll win the SEO battle if you have got right keywords for your business. Keywords have 3 types; Short tail keywords, Middle tail keywords, and Long tail keywords.

What are Short Tail Keywords?

These are the one-word keyword phrases. For example-

  • SEO
  • MOZ
  • iPhone
  • Google
  • Laptop
  • Mobiles

Short tail keywords are too much competitive. mostly huge sites like as HuffPost, Forbes is using these kinds of keywords. as a result of these keywords are giant volume keywords the budget to handle these kinds of keywords.

What are Middle Tail Keywords?

These are the two-three word phrases keywords.

For example:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Moz Keyword explorer
  • Apple iPhone
  • Body exercising
  • Drinking water
  • Middle tail keywords are competitive with massive volume.

What are Long tail Keywords

These are the four or additional word phrases keywords.

Long tail keywords examples-

  • How to do SEO for my blog?
  • Connect iPhone 7 to iTunes
  • Best social media selling tools
  • Bluehost web hosting discount Coupon
  • Best time to try and do exercise

Long tail keywords are less competitive. Anyone will easily rank for Long tail keywords. Long tail keyword phrases have a lot of conversion rate. It means that people use long tail keywords to shop for something. you can see this search demand curve-

Almost 70th searches are performed by long tail keywords. Long word phrases are additionally conversion-able naturally. as a result of Long tail key phrases are more specific to a niche.

When people search to shop for something or to resolve their issues then they look for long phrases.

For example:

  • How to get Google Adsense Approval for blog
  • Different ways to monetize YouTube.
  • Amazon discount coupons
  • Bluehost web hosting Discount Coupon.
  • Best deals to buy iPhone 7 plus

Anyone who is looking for “Bluehost web hosting discount coupon” needs to buy Bluehost web hosting. That’s why he/she is finding a reduction coupon.

On the opposite hand, if somebody is searching for “Bluehost” have terribly low (or no) possibilities to buy Bluehost web hosting. as a result of people searches for short tail keywords ( additionally called direction Keywords) like as- Adsense, Facebook, PayPal, Bluehost to search & open sites instead of buying something.

That’s the reason these short tail keywords have low or negligible conversion rate and huge volume.

But all the long tail keywords aren’t conversionable.

For example;

Keywords like “How to find the long tail keyword” & “Best Web hosting For WordPress” is the long key phrases but informational keywords. It means that these keywords have problem-solving intent rather than buying intent. people search them on Google to resolve their issues or to understand something.

Informational keywords are beginning with how to, when, why, top and much more.

If visitors aren’t able to buy then they’ll undoubtedly look for informational keywords.

But if they need to buy something then they’ll use business keywords.

Business keywords are beginning with business terms (prefixes & suffixes).

For example:

  • Buy
  • Deal
  • Discount
  • Coupon
  • Purchase
  • Review
  • Order

You will notice the business intent keywords as well as information intent keywords in your keyword research.

You just need to find the proper keywords per your needs. If you wish to share your information or experience then you have to use the informational keywords.

But if you would like to sell something or provide a deal to your visitors then you must have a need to use business Intent Keywords.

Select keyword phrases per your business & keywords intention. because if you find right keywords with low volume then they’ll be a lot of profitable for your business than massive search volume keywords.

It may be possible that your Long tail phrases don’t seem to be ranking on the first page of Google. however long tail keywords are terribly simple to rank with low price and effort. as a result of long tail keywords have terribly low competition. Long tail key phrases are the simplest choice for any business or website.

How to find Long tail Keywords

There is no thumb rule to search right keywords for your business or website. It depends on your business, niche, audience etc. but there are some factors to search profitable long key tail phrases-

Your Business Goals- Think about your business. I mean;

  • What are the goals?
  • What are your products/services?
  • Your targeted audience?
  • What can you offer to your customers?
  • How are you different from others?
  • What you do best?

These terms will help you to understand your business goals.

Your Audience- you should have the need to know about your targeted audience. I mean;

Which country/city you are targeting?
Qualification, Profession & Age level of your audience?
What can they expect from you?
And other terms like these will help you to understand the level & requirements of your audience.

Keyword Nature

Choose the keywords according to their intentions. for instance, if you want to share your experience then use informational intent keywords. however, if you wish to offer any deal to your customers then use business intent keywords.


Long tail keywords have terribly low competition but it’ll be safer to see the keyword difficulty of a keyword. always choose those keywords that are less competitive. When you target the low competitive keyword then you will rank your website within one month or less.

Best Long Tail Keyword Research Tools

There are many tools available for keyword researching. Here are few of them which are very useful to find the Long Tail Keywords:

Long tail Pro

Long tail pro is one of the best tools to do long tail keyword research tool. Long tail pro offers many great features to find easy to rank long keywords to increase your organic traffic.

Long tail pro is a paid tool to find profitable keywords. But they also give you the one week of trial.


Semrush is one of the best tools to do long keyword research. You have just need to enter your seed keyword in semrush. Semrush will show you useful data about your keywords as well as related keyword phrases and match keywords variations.

You can enter your competitor’s domain in semrush to find their organic keywords.

Semrush offers more than keyword research. Semrush Comes with both free and paid versions. If you are not sure about semrush it is recommended to use the free version to make sure that it is the tool which you want.

Click here to create your free account


Ahrefs is an SEO analysis tool. They additionally provide Ahrefs keyword explorer to search keywords. Ahrefs is extremely simple to use. you have simply need to search your seed keywords. Ahrefs shows you vital & advanced information regarding your keywords with related searches & search suggestions.

You can simply find long tail keywords with Ahrefs. you’ll filter your keywords by word counting to search additionally related to rank keywords for your business or website.

Ahrefs is a paid tool however you can take 7 days trial for only $7.

Google Suggestions searches

You can find long key phrases with Google search. Google provides suggestions on search queries. You can use these search suggestions to search long keyword phrases.

Google changes its suggestions for each word or character that we write or delete from Google search box. thus build some changes to search right keyword phrases.

When you Search something in Google & scroll the search result page to the lowest then you’ll find the related searches to your search keyword. you can additionally use those related searched to search long key keyword phrases.

But finding right keyword phrases check them with a keyword tool to know more regarding them.


UberSuggest is a free tool to do long tail keyword research.

It is very easy to use. You just need to search your main keyword in the UberSuggest and you will get many long tail keyword ideas related to your main keyword. UberSuggest doesn’t show important data about a keyword like as- search volume, keyword difficulty etc.


Keywordtool is a popular tool to find long tail keyword variations. When you search your keyword then you can find 750 long tail suggestion for your keyword. This is the free and best tool.


Quora is the popular question & answer website. Where you can find the discussions about any topic.

People ask their questions on Quora to get an answer. But you can use the Quora to find long tail key phrases for your niche.

Search a term or question related to your niche you’ll find totally different variations for your question.

You can use get some long tail keyword concepts & variations from them.

How to use Long tail Keywords

Finding the long tail keywords don’t seem to be enough. you have to need to use them effectively in your content or website. I mean, Write SEO-Friendly Content.

Here are few Tips you should follow to Write the SEO Friendly Content:

1: – Write your keyword within the title. Your title should outline your topic & clickable.

2: – Avoid keyword stuffing. (Don’t repeat your keyword again and again if you google will never rank your web page and it will consider your content as spam so avoid keyword stuffing).

3: – Use your keyword & its variations within the H tag headings & Meta description.

4: – Use your keywords naturally within the Content of your website.

5: – Interlink your web pages with one another. it’ll assist you to improve the bounce rate & user experience of your website as well as rank high in Google.

There is no doubt that long tail keyword research is the best choice to get success in online marketing.

First, understand your business goals then you’ll simply find right keywords for your business or website.

Long tail phrases are very simple to rank. Adding additional words in long tail phrase means lower down its competition specify its topic.

If you would like to get success in online business then find profitable long tail keywords for yourself.

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