Fast Increase YouTube Subscribers up to 50% (2019)

Increase YouTube Subscribers is not a big deal you just need to understand the way that almost people is using, i am going to show you that how it work and how you can increase your subscribers too. so follow my step by step guide to learn about it..

How to Increase YouTube Subscribers

So. here we are talking about how you can increase views and subscriber on your YouTube channel with these few simple and easy tips.

Many peoples out there are using tools to boost their channels like AddMeFast, SocialFreeBlasts and much more paid and free tools you can find on the internet. However, these are not the real views and subscribers. They are just fake subscribers and these fake subscribers never run your channel on a long-term basis. Because all these tools are against the YouTube policy. Then you will think then How to increase YouTube views in legal ways?

That’s what I am going to teach you in today’s article

First of all, let’s see what YouTube Policy explains about such types of Tools:

You always have to remember that these fake subscribers will never watch your future videos instead of that natural or real subscriber will always watch your future posts and get engage with your videos which you publish on your channel. So that’s why it is recommended to increase your subscriber naturally by using White Hat Methods and always try to avoid using Black Hat Methods as in result your account will be suspended.

Here is the YouTube’s privacy policy URL in which they clearly said not to use AddMeFast type of Platforms or even not to buy YouTube view/subscribers. Further, You can study here:

So now let’s move to our topic Increase YouTube views 500%:

Now you should keep in mind that gaining the real subscriber takes much time as of the fake subscribers because these are the natural subscriber which subscribe your channel according to your content not by using Black Hat tools etc. But if your channel has rich and most popular videos then there are a lot of chances for gaining subscribers fast.

Before we start you should create a website or blog for your YouTube channel so that you can earn money from both YouTube as well as from blog or Website. Another benefit of having a website is that if for some reason your channel suspended then you can get the profit from your blog as well.

Steps to Increase YouTube Views

#1 Adding YouTube Subscription Button in Your Blog or Website

There are few methods to Add YouTube subscribe button in your website or blog. If you are using the WordPress then you can install the Plugin YouTube Subscribe Button on your site. After installation, you now need to Go Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets and now add new widgets in the sidebar or any other specified location where you want. Then you need to enter your channels ID (You can find your channel ID here). In this plugin, you can customize theme layout, theme color etc.

And the second method adds subscribe button using HTML code. Here is the Google tool to generate the Subscribe button for WordPress and Blogger as well. Open the above URL and enter your youtube channel’s Publisher ID and copy that code and paste it into the Channel Name or ID Box. Now will be given the HTML code. Copy that code and follow these Steps:

For WordPress :

  • Go to Dashboard
  • Appearance
  • Widgets
  • Add New Widget
  • And Select custom HTML widget and then paste your code there

For Blogger :

  • Open Blogger
  • Move to layout
  • Add new widget (anywhere you want)
  • Paste that code there and then save settings

Using this way you can get more subscribers because new visitors find it very useful to subscribe your channel just by clicking on Subscribe button available on your blog or website.

#2 Adding Subscribe Button to your videos:

This is also the best way to increase your subscribers. In this tip, you have to add the subscription button to your videos so that viewers of your videos can subscribe your channel just by click on your branding logo. So let’s move on Adding Subscribe Button in videos

First, you need to Go My Channel and then move to the Video Manager on your YouTube Account.

Now Click on Channel and then click on Branding

Under Branding choose watermark and upload your own Photo or your channel’s logo as a Watermark

Now Set the timing when your logo pop-ups. Simply select all time

That’s All, now just play any video to check whether it’s working or not.!

#3 Increase Subscribers by Adding Pop up Subscribe Button:

This is the last and best tip of this Article. Now here you give your visitors special type of URL of your YouTube channel which helps you to gain more subscribers.

All you need to do is copy Your channel’s URL and then add this line (?sub_confirmation=1) in the last of your channel URL. And then add that URL to your blogs videos or in your blog widgets.

Here is How it will look like:

That’s all.

Final Words: These are few simple and easy tips which help you to increase the number of youtube subscribers 500%. If you still didn’t gain many subscribers. Then try to make the High quality and helpful videos. Upload your videos on the daily basis it will help your YouTube channel to get High ranked on YouTube.

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