How to Earn Money from Click Bank Affiliate Marketing in 3 Simple Steps

Earn Money From Click bank : If you are also want to make tons of money from internet, then I will recommend you to use the Clickbank Marketplace. Click Bank is the second largest monetization platform which gives you up to 70% commission on each product you sell from your link.

What Is Clickbank & How It Works?

Click Bank is an affiliate marketing platform where you promote someone’s products on your Blog or On your YouTube Channel. When someone buys any product from your given URL then click Bank Pays you the 75% commission for that product. And I think this is the huge amount which clickbank pays.

 1. Find A Best Clickbank Product to Promote: –

First click here to sign up in click bank affiliate program and fill up all your details including bank account information in which click bank sends you your commission.


After sign up compellation go to the marketplace. See Screenshot below


Now on the left-hand side, you can see category tab. Choose any category which product you want to promote. It is recommended to choose the product in the range of 20$ to 50$. This Is the average product and you must have to sell almost 6 – 8 products to make 100$. It depends on the products commission which you are selling. Normal commission on click bank product is from 50% to 75%. But you also note the more expensive products you promote the less commission you earn. Because everyone wants to buy the cheaper products. So try to promote only averaged products as I have mentioned above.


Now choose any product from the category or search it in the search box. Then choose your product and click on promote


A new window will popup enter your Clickbank username there and any tracking code if you want to track your products sells.


Ok now click on create and you will get a hop link. Copy that link and save it in your notepad will use it later.


2. Top Platforms to Promote Clickbank Products

Here is the short list of platforms where you can promote your products.

  • 1. Blog
  • 2Websites
  • 3Forums
  • 4. Social Media
  • 5Article Submission
  • 6. Guest Blogging or Comment Posting
  • 7. YouTube or Another video uploading platform

Now go to the blogger and create your blog. For this, you must have Gmail account so first, make Gmail account and then create your blog for free. If you want to create the website, then it will cost you money because you have to buy a domain as well as hosting. That’s why I recommend you to use blogger if you are new. And also you have to learn SEO to get free traffic in your blogger.

Here is a free course of Bilal Ahmed on BlogSpot: – Click Here

3. Time to Promote your products

  • Forums: –

Here is the list of 700+ Dofollow forum list. Find your product related forum and join it. Also, participate in the forums you will get huge traffic from forums it will also help you to rank your blog or website.

Add your affiliate link in the signature box which you will see in the profile edit sections.

Join almost 10 forums which are related to your products and post almost 100 comments in each forum but be careful don’t spam on forums otherwise, you will be ban from the forum. If you find a thread related to your product comment on it. You will surely get the good response in few days.

  • Social Media Sharing:

Make one Facebook page share your blog posts there. Also, join groups related to your product. Share your products affiliate link there. You will probably get a lot of visitors as well as buyers from Facebook groups.

  • Article Submission or Blog Commenting:

Article submission or blog commenting is pretty easy and helpful. You don’t need any website or blog for this. You just need to find the blogs and blog directories where you can submit article or comment on their articles as well.

There are a lot of blogs out there where you can submit your article and also paste your product link in that article. Write your article unique from others otherwise, you will get a duplicate content error. Also, make your content SEO friendly so that it will show on the first page. So that everyone could see your product and if anybody like it he/she will surely buy it.

Blog commenting is also a good option for promoting. Find your product related articles and comment there but remember don’t comment like they think it’s spam. Do comment on the blog regarding an article. First, you need to read that article and do comment like this: – very good information I have a same related post on my blog (your blog post URL here).
Now you will get a backlink for your blog as well as a buyer for your product.
Will post the directories later.

  • YouTube or any other video uploading platform: –

First, you have to create a channel on YouTube or any other video uploading platform. Then you have to go to your product website and download their review video or you can download it from YouTube (to avoid from copyright issue then you have to edit that video, trim some seconds clip from the start as well as an end). After that upload it to YouTube with proper SEO so that it will show to more peoples. Add your affiliate URL in the description box

BEST VIDEO UPLOADING PLATFORMS For Click-bank Products sharing: –

These are the Best ways to promote your Clickbank Product and also to earn 100$ to 1000$ every month. If you still didn’t get any buyer then simply change your product. 


Final Words: –

Your success depends on how much you work hard for it. The more you work hard the more result you will get. if you are facing any type of issue or you need any help don’t hesitate to ask in the comment box.

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