Force Google Chrome to Use Instead of Specific Version

Use In Google Chrome Instead Of Country Specified Version

As a marketer, I choose the use of as my primary search engine for lots reasons.  occasionally I need US-based searches however usually it is due to frequently Google exams or releases functions on .com first.  And if I ever want to do local-based searches, I can easily head to my country-specific Google version alternatively.

however in Chrome, even though the default search engine is ready at, it’s going to still robotically route the searcher to the Google version for the country they’re in, requiring customers to go lower back to and click on the “visit” link that appears within the homepage footer.

there may be a way to set because of the default in Chrome, for entrepreneurs wishing to hold an eye fixed on the search results rather than their own country version.

Follow these steps to make your default search engine:

First, you need to open Chrome, and then go to settings.

And now click on “Manage Search Engines”, even though it presently suggests Google as the default. (Just ignore it)

Now Scroll down until you see the “Add” button and then just click on the “Add Button”

For Search engine Name type “Google NCR” (You can type your own name if you want, I am just typing it so that I could remember this) and for keyword type “Google NCR_” (without quotes).  _ this could serve to remind you that that is the Google search with “No Country Redirect” enabled

And then simply add this URL to the URL field:

“” (without quotes)


Now after setting up everything click on add and then make it default.

And that’s all.

Now, whenever you search with Google Chrome it will open the international instead of the country-based google.

Do notice that your local search results can be skewed through the use of even though the AdWords advertisements displayed will nevertheless be geotargeted to your place, that is running as intended.  in case you want to see AdWords advertisements for any other country, you will need to use a proxy or VPN to do so.

Final Words:

So that was a simple and easiest way to force your google chrome to use instead of your local-area based google. If you have any problem or ask something. Do comment and I will answer as soon as possible. 🙂

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