Top 9 WordPress Auto-blogging Plugins

Best Autoblogging Plugins: If you are using a blog, then this is very important for you to make new & fresh content for your blog. You also must post the relevant and valuable content for your blog for a good readership. When it comes to fresh content and relevant topics to make this work easy you need to move to Auto blogging. Even you have a website with these plugins you can automate content creation and publish them easily. Autoblogging plugins find best quality articles for your blog automatically. It also helps you to make NICHE website from where users can find the articles from multiple websites related to the same niche at one place.

9 Free Best WordPress Auto-blogging Plugins
9 Free Best WordPress Auto-blogging Plugins

Autoblogging is the process in which the website automatically get the content from other sites using the RSS feeds or Atom feeds. There is also a negative part of this where many of the content scrapers and spam blogs are using this method. Expect this it’s also great for the websites which collect information from other websites and show them in one place.

However, creating a fresh article on daily basis is very difficult, time-consuming task. While with the Autoblogging plugins user finds fresh content and new articles daily.

Note: – You must take care that you are not violating any policy and take care that you are not infringing any copyright.

The List of Top  Best Autoblogging WordPress Plugins: –

  1.  WP RSS Aggregator
  2.  RSS Post Importer
  3.  Feed WordPress
  4.  RSS Import
  5.  WPeMatico
  6. Category Specific RSS Feed Subscription
  7.  CyberSyn
  8.  RSS Just Better
  9.  WP Pipes

WP RSS Aggregator: –

It is a popular and easy to use WordPress plugin. With this plugin, you can get as many posts as you want from the different sources. You can find the post without even knowing the URL of the auto discovery. Shortcodes helps you to put the feeds on the screen where you want. the feed items looks exactly same as your default theme is. You can also adjust settings to import feed with the specific titles and set the limit of the items and age of the items as well as the update interval on a source basis.

RSS Post Importer: –


As the name says everything. This is the plugin which imports posts from the RSS feed and gives you daily new posts from other blogs which are related to your website’s topic. This plugin helps you to import content from multiple RSS sources to make your blog up-to-date.

If you are managing the news niche, then this plugin is highly recommended for your blog because this plugin brings the content of various news related websites. With this plugin, you can get the fresh content in Hourly, daily, weekly and Monthly basis, so that your visitors get everything new when they come again.

However, as you are publishing content from another website it is highly recommended taking their permission & make a disclaimer that source belongs to the original site to avoid from copyright issue.

Feed WordPress: –


This is the best plugin for Auto-blogging it converts your feeds and posts them in your blog automatically. The content which you import from the Feed WordPress appears as the special series in WordPress database. The contents which are imported from the multiple sources the posts database serves the backend for aggregation sites. You’ll need the access to FTP or SFTP to your web hosting.

RSS Import: –


This plugin is very light which use the WordPress functionality for displaying the RSS feeds on your website/blogs. When you install and activate the plugin you have 3 options to make it work.

  • Using a Shortcode
  • A widget
  • PHP function

This plugin import feeds and displays on your site so that your website stays active and up-to-date.
This plugin allows you to customize using shortcodes which makes the plugin quite flexible.

Note: To analyze the feeds, you must create the simple change to enable the built-in SimplePie Library.

WPeMatico: –


This plugin is very easy to use. It makes the posts from the Atoms post & from the RSS Feeds. The user interface of this plugin is very simple and almost same as the WordPress post editor so that you feel comfortable while editing the posts. You can manage the feeds by making the categories. This plugin has the auto-discovery function so that you can add the feeds without knowing the actual URL.

Any image from the first three image becomes double as a featured post. With this plugin, you can change the featured image of the post of your choice. The other images and media can be uploaded only as attachments to posts and you can upload images remotely or simply link to the source. With this plugin, you can edit the article and rewrite it. It’s a multilingual plugin.

Category Specific RSS Feed Subscription: –


This is a very different plugin from the other plugins which are listed. This plugin allows your visitors to subscribe the different feeds on your blog or website. They can subscribe the multiple categories separately.

In the setting page of your plugin, you’ll see the categories list from where you can select up to 8 custom categories and set the external sources. If your blog is based on the multiple niches, then you can allow your visitors to select the category of their choice. These are the features which make plugin different from others.

CyberSyn: –


It is light in weight, aggregates and curates content for the WordPress websites. It allows you to import the full-text article that’s why this plugin deserves higher position on the list. The feature is already built-in in the plugin and didn’t require any API key or third-party service. It generates posts from RSS feeds automatically.

It also includes the embed option in the plugin. When you enable that option now you can embed the YouTube videos, Vimeo, and daily motion videos easily. It automatically generates the features images or media attachments. This plugin has the feature to upload your images to the server. Also, it allows you to translate the article into 100 languages.

RSS Just Better: –


This works almost same as the other WordPress Autoblogging plugins drawing the contents of your specified URL. This plugin allows you to modify some settings such as the date and time of the post when it was published, links that display in the new windows, and you can change the lists in ordered or unordered form. Moreover, you can set cache frequently, the number of news items to display, modify the titles, excerpts and sort the items by date and time. To embed this you have to use the short-code or you can use the widget as well.

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WP Pipes: –



The real work of this plugin is migration, but you can use it for the Autoblogging as well. You can use this plugin to import the contents of the Google news, RSS feeds any many more other resources. The Feeds which are imported will store in WordPress as a Post.

Each post you import will be considered as the pipe you can make as many pipes as you want. This process of importing feeds start with the source and moves with the processor and end up when it reaches its destination. You can also add a schedule for this process.

The source could be anything just like a post, Woo-commerce Products, file n Folders etc.

And the destination could be the WooCommerce Products, Google, files or folders etc

Final Words: –

Autoblogging is a process in which you collect information from another source so that your visitors find everything in one place. It makes very easy for readers to find all content on one site without having to search on the Google. You can also combine some Quality WordPress themes to increase the traffic and make money by monetizing your website with ads and affiliate marketing links. Auto-blogging makes your blog active all the time make display something new for your readers each time when they visit your site.

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