Top Best Alternatives of Google AdSense 2019

Today everybody is familiar with the google AdSense. Many peoples around the world are using Adsense and making a lot of money from it. Because google is the very big & well known company. This is the top PPC network which pays their customer best commission than other ads marketing network. but what to do if your account not approved or disabled ? don’t worry about it there is a lot of  Best google adsense alternatives in 2019, 

Two Reasons to Choose Alternative Platform: –

Mainly there are two common reasons for peoples to join another platform of ads severing.

Hate Google AdSense: –

Most of the people hate google AdSense because of their strict policies and guidelines. So they feel uncomfortable using google AdSense because they make mistakes and go against their copyright policy or self-clicking policy then Google AdSense ban them. now days it’s going like crazy about bloggers, it can’t approve for best sites even and tells us foolish reason for that your site not get approved, like “your content is not valuableyou Already have an other adsense” even you did not have an other account but still he said like that,

My bed Story with AdSense skip or read: I just work in event blogging my site was top 10 and got approved adsense on my website after event done i made $1,890 after 4 5 day my account got suspend without any reason for that i am now against with this”

If Your AdSense Is Disabled or Suspended: –

This is the main reason for people to move from AdSense to another platform. Too much peoples violates the Google AdSense program’s policy so that’s why google bans their accounts but if you have the website which is banned from Google AdSense but Have a lot of traffic then you don’t need to worry. With these platforms you can also make money like as Google AdSense. when you are using it you are just depend only on it and it can anytime disable your account without any reason 

I found the Best network which is to best then google adds, you won’t believe just use it if you can’t get positive result just come back after result and comment ugly post you did.. it’s my whole 7 days searches on these adds network i found more then 1000+ but from them, these 10 network i seem, the best google ads Alternative


Best Google Adsense Alternative List is the 2nd best advertising platform after google AdSense. It is Powered by Yahoo and Bing. It’s almost same like google AdSense. Like google AdSense they show the ads which are related to your keyword. If you also want advertising platform which don’t offer cheap advertisement, then I recommend you to use the Their ads are very elegant which increase your CTR (Click Through Rate) also their keyword are well decorated which will matches with your websites template.

Also it’s a big marketplace for advertisers who want to promote their websites on the internet. You can also make money by putting their ads in your website.

Even you can optimize each impression with the single ad tag on your website with the help of this advertising platform.

Ad Maven

AdMaven is also best advertisement platform. It is in the worldwide because of their popup and popunder ads. I think you also see such type of ads in many websites. If you want to make money from this, then you have to sign up as a publisher.

How to Get started with AdMaven?

  1. Create an account in (Sign up as a publisher)
  2.  Once you complete your sign up Process simply go to dashboard section and add your website.
  3. Now you will see the variety of monetization choose anyone from there.
  4. Now you will get a HTML code which you have to paste in your website. After pasting HTML from Ad-Maven make sure to check if it’s working or not.

That’s all Enjoy Making Money :-


InfoLinks is famous for the in-line text based advertisement network suited for high traffic websites. Info links created a ad according to your keyword. It converts some your websites keyword into advertisement links and you get paid for the clicks on that link. The more clicks you have the more money you get. They give you almost 70% of revenue which is Quite perfect.

Here are some Features of Infolinks: –

  • Infolinks doesn’t require any further space they adjust in your keyword.
  • It is very quick and easy to set up
  • Sign up is free with 0% commitment Risk at all
  • They won’t post any advertisement which is not related to your website’s content (I think it’s pretty cool thing)

Buy Sell Ads

BuySellAds it is basically a marketplace for buying and selling ads. They don’t accept the low traffic websites. So you need to first grow traffic for your website then create account there. You need to sign up there as a publisher and create an ad inventory once you get the banner advertising then you can accept it or reject it. They give their customers up to 75% of their total earning. And this is the best thing about buysellads.

Also there is no limit for payout. You can payout 2 times in a month by PayPal transfer.


Qadabra is also a best option after AdSense. Qadabra doesn’t require any approval unlike AdSense you have to just sign up there you will get a code add it to your site and starting making money. Qadabra is the best options for new bloggers with low traffic. Their ads are very neat and clean they also support the popup ads as well.


Chitika is almost same as google AdSense they also give you money on CPC (Cost Per Click) basis. They also shows the relevant ads in according your content keyword and you can also customize ads to get maximum money while working as a publisher there. You can also run chitika Safely with yours google AdSense.

They pay you by Check or PayPal. Minimum payout for Check is 50$ as with PayPal it is 10$.

They also run an affiliate program so that you can make more money with affiliate marketing.

Revenue Hits

Right now Revenue Hits is the second best ad serving platform. It is performance-based ad network which helps you to earn money with CPA (Cost Per Action). It is a platform where you will get paid for, when visitors perform action like completing surveys, registering account etc.

These are the few benefits of using Revenue Hits: –

  • There are more than 3 billion ad impressions daily
  • Millions of active users
  • Maximum return on the investment and many more which will give you more revenue for each impression which you get from your websites.

Revenue hit is one of the best competitor for AdSense. Revenue Hits is owned by the MyAdWise Limited (Israeli based). It was founded and started in 2008 by the profession tech expert to help you to make money online with traffic

3 things which makes it better alternate

  • Fast Account Activation: Unlike Google AdSense (they take too much time to approve). Revenue Hits activate your account instantly so that you can make money quickly.
  • Worldwide Coverage: It doesn’t matter which country you are targeting. Revenue Hits doesn’t require any specific country.
  • Easy and Quick: Tags setup is another best option in Revenue Hits. It doesn’t matter you are an expert or a newbie to setup the tags. You will find it extremely useful to boost your revenue.

Creating account is simple and free. You have to sign up there and set the payment method. They pay through PayPal, Payoneer and Wire Transfers.

Once you logged in to your dashboard, you need to enter your website link and choose a new placement to add. You can add your ads with these types of styles:

  • banners
  • sliders
  • shadow box
  • top of the banner
  • footer
  • popups

Above are the types of ads which most of the website owner and bloggers use. You can add them in one of the above location to boost your ad visibility and CTR (Click Through Rate). The more people click in your link the more money you generate. This is Quite simple, right? Then join Revenue Hits Now and starting making money from it.


Bidvertieser is also best alternate of Google AdSense in category of PPC (Pay Per Click). You don’t only get money from Bidvertiser’s ads you also get more money for every conversion coming through your placed ads and this is the best part of the Bidvertiser.

These are the ad formats which Advertiser provides: –

  • 728×90 leader board
  • 468×60 Banner
  • 234×60 Half Banner
  • 120×240 Vertical Banner
  • 160×600 Skyscraper
  • 120×600 Skyscraper
  • 300×600 Half page
  • 300×250 Rectangle
  • 336×280 Large rectangles
  • 180×150 Rectangle
  • 240×400 Vertical rectangle
  • 125×125 Buttons

These formats allow you to add your ad in the specific location from where you get more clicks as well as revenue. Bidvertiser provides you the best and high bids advertisement in your website so that you make more money.

Minimum payout of Bidvertiser is 10$. When you reach the minimum payout you can withdraw Check – Wire Transfers or PayPal.


Clicksor is the another in-text advertising network just like Infolinks. You need almost 50,000 monthly impressions to make money from Clicksor. The minimum payout from Clicksor is 50$ also you can withdraw money every 15 days. They pay you through PayPal, Check and Wire Transfer (Only eligible publishers).

You can earn up to 85 percent of your total earning with Clicksor. You can join their affiliate program as well to make money. When someone joins Clicksor with your refer link you will get 10% from them

Super Links

Superlink is the best google AdSense alternate for those who are tire of low CPM (Cost per thousand impression) rates of the current ad programs. Superlinks offers a lot of ad formats for your websites.

Example:  Full Page Ads

  • Slider Ads
  • footer ads
  • Exit Links

These are all focused to increase the earning from the current visitor count.

I recommend Superlinks anyone with high Traffic but low Google AdSense earnings.

Minimum payout from Superlinks is 100$ (PayPal And Payoneer only) for Wire transfer you need to make 500$.

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