How to Make Money with Auto-Blogging

Auto-Blogging : You Wana make money online with easy step, then you are on right place,  i am gonna talking about Autoblogging website, where you can earn money with no daily uploading content or pay someone to handle your site..

Before we Start you need to understand all process about it.  I will guide you step by step complete method so read all..

What is an Autoblogging Website ?

an Autoblogging or automated blog is a term in which a website pulls the content from another website using the RSS feed. Mainly the term autoblogging is related to the spam blogs. Instead of this, there are also several smart and profitable use of this website.

For example, an Autoblog may be used to produce a curated website that gathers news on specific topics and so presents them underneath one roof. an Autoblog can even be used on company intranets and personal websites.

So today here I am showing you how to create your own Autoblogging website in WordPress and Blogger.

1. Create An Autoblogging Website with WordPress:

First of all, you have to buy the domain and hosting. After buying the domain and hosting. Now you should install WordPress on your hosting.

When you are done installing WordPress. Now you must install an RSS importer plugin.

I have already created a post on a Top best autoblogging plugin for WordPress 

Install any plugin you want from the list.

Now here I am using the RSS aggregator, so after installing plugin simply visit RSS Aggregator » Add New to add a new feed source.


First of all, you have to enter the RSS feed title and then you have to provide RSS source.

Now you need to scroll down to the ‘Feed Post’ section. Now here you have to choose the type of imported Feed into Post.


By default, it will import the post and save as Draft, You have to publish it manually.

Don’t forget to check the box next to ‘Force full content’ option. Using this option WP Aggregator importer will be able to import full content from the source page.

After that, you need to go to the “Feed to post – images” section. Here you can set how your Autoblog handle the images.


This plugin automatically imports the images from the source page and then stores in your WordPress library. It also fetches the first image from the source page and then sets as featured image. More option you can set according to your need.

The add new feed source has further many options. You can check them later and also adjust them according to your needs.

You can even filter the keywords and tags which should be imported or excluded from the RSS import. Even you can add your custom content in the beginning or in the last of the imported content.

When you are all set simply click on the Publish Feed button.

Now you can go to your posts section in your website and there you will find out the imported posts from feed there.

If you want to add more resources then repeat all the above steps. You can check your feed status by going to RSS Aggregator > Feed Sources


Quick Way To Add Multiple Feed Sources For Your Autoblog

So, adding each feed source and configuring them one by one is a very boring and time-consuming task. That’s why here I am giving you the best way to add multiple feed sources with the same setting in just one click.

First, head to RSS aggregator » Settings and click on Feed to Post tab. Here you’ll set up the default settings for the feed to post addon.

Now, these setting will be applied to all the source which will you add in the next step.


Next, you would like to go to RSS aggregator » Import & Export. below the import box, you would like to add name and URL to your feed sources.

Now add the comma and space between the name and URL of the feed. Add only one feed on one line.


When you add all the source URL’s, simply click on the bulk import button to import feed sources in your Autoblog Website.

That’s All. You are all set.! This is the easiest and simplest way to create your own WordPress autoblogging Website.

  1. Creating Autoblogging Website In Blogger/Blogspot

As compare to WordPress the blogger is a little bit complicated. Because it doesn’t have more features like WordPress have just like the plugins which make us do our work faster and easier. But, hopefully, there are few websites and their tweaks which helps the Bloggers to automate their website using the RSS feed (or by newsletter) and an email.

So, let’s see how it works.

Things we need before starting:

  1. A Blog on the Blogspot/Blogger and a Gmail account.
  2. RSS Feed (I am using Google news feed but you can use your own.)
  3. An IFTTT Account.

So first you need to create a blog on the blogger as well as other things which I mentioned above and then follow the next steps.

The very first thing you would like to dod do} is to get an RSS feed of a website. As I already mere that, during this guide, I’d use Google news feed. So, the below is the RSS feed of Google.

You can additionally use the below Google News Feed for your blog.

Now, you need to login to your IFTTT account. Now we’ve to make an applet. making an applet could be an easy task. we only have to be compelled to create trigger-based automated tasks, which can be executed for you automatically once the conditions are fulfilled.

Now once you are on IFTTT dashboard, then navigate to ‘My Applets’ (located within the menu bar) > Services.

And, you need to pick ‘RSS Feeds.’ See the below image.


Now, within the next step, you need to pick ‘RSS to Blogger HDA.’ See below image.


Now, you need to turn on the applet, simply click on ‘Turn on’. See below image.


Now, IFTTT will ask you to provide access to your Google blogger account. Then do this as usual. And at the moment, you will have an option to choose a blog that you want to publish post automatically. See the below image,


currently, the method is almost over. in the next, you need to enter the RSS feed URL. As in my case, Google News Feed like below. And then, click on SAVE.


That’s it.

You have successfully created an auto blogging software or poster. Now, once Google News includes a new article, then it’ll automatically be posted on your Blogspot.

How Can You Earn Money With Autoblog website ?

So as we have already created our Autoblog website, now it’s time to make the real money on our website. As you know Google hates the Duplicated content that’s why in some cases it is very hard to get the approval of AdSense. But don’t worry I have already created an article on the Top best alternatives of Google AdSense which you can use on your website to make real money. All of these website pays you more money than you expected some are paying even more than the Google AdSense.


Final Words:

Creating a blog could be a simple task, however, making it popular too hard as a result of it requires plenty of hard work, patience and time. But on the opposite side, Auto Blogging becomes one of the simplest ways in which to make money from blogging because here you no need to work day and night. You only need to produce it, monetize it and leave it. And, a decent quantity of money will be in your pocket each month.


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