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Many of the people having a problem with the Google AdSense approval because they don’t know what actual it requires. So today I am sharing with you the few simple tips to get your AdSense approved very fast. They are very easy and simple steps which you need to follow, and you must take, i am going to show you step by step complete guide yo should follow these and apply on you blog 100% sure you will get a adds account from google..

How To Get Approved Google AdSense Account For Website

care of few things which I will tell you in the detailed list. So, let’s move to the list.

  • Create Important Pages
  • Write good content
  • Add 20+ posts
  • Make your website Simple and clean
  • Use Top Level Domains
  • Don’t Use Other Ad Serving Networks
  • Don’t copy Blog posts

Create Important Pages

If you want to approve your AdSense fast, then you must create these three pages.  Because Google wants all your information to see who you are. For this, you must have created these pages on your blog or website.

  1. Disclaimer Page
  2. Privacy & Policy
  3. Usage Terms
  4. Contact Us
  5. About Us

In the about section write everything about you, clearly describe why you made this website also tell peoples what will you present for your visitors in this website, and write the benefits of using your website. The Clearer your write the more chances for approval of Google AdSense.

Note: – Take care of the grammar mistakes, spelling and punctuation clear when you write all the above pages.

Write Good Content: –

Always Write your article neat and clean. Make your article in your own words and make sure to correct your spelling mistakes and because now Google bots become more intelligent they also note your spelling mistakes. So, always check your grammar mistakes. For you can use the online tools to check your spells and correct them easily.

Add 20+ Posts: –

If you think Google will approve your AdSense request with just 5 to 10 posts.? Then you are wrong. Because Google AdSense has a policy that they won’t approve your AdSense request until you publish up to 20 Articles on your website or blog. As I mentioned above make your own 20 articles and publish them. Now your AdSense will be approved 100%.

Make Your 3 Website Simple & Clean: –

This is the main part which google notice. Don’t use the themes which have a lot of images because Google hates images. Make your website simple and user-friendly so that your visitors don’t feel uncomfortable on your website. Always use categories in Main Navigation bar and add all your important category in that so that visitors can switch from one article to another article easily.

Use Top Level Domains: –

If you are willing that Google AdSense will approve your AdSense in free domains like.,, .wordpress etc. then you are wrong. Google will never approve your AdSense request in such domains. Sometimes it approves your request, but it takes almost 6 months to be approved. So, if you want to approve You AdSense appeal fast then you must use the top-level Domains Such As .com or net. You can buy this domain at cheap rates with GoDaddy in just 120 Rupees only for a year.

Don’t Use Other Ad Serving Networks: –

If you want to make your AdSense approved, then you must take care then you are not using any other Ad Serving Network for your website. If you used any other platform then Google will never approve your AdSense appeal so, try to avoid from other networks if you want to work with the Google AdSense.

Don’t Copy Blog Posts: –

Here is the last and the main tip for all of you. Google strictly said don’t ever copy the posts from other blogs to your blog if you do so you will get the Copyright issue, Duplicate content issue and violating the terms of Google. And Google never accepts the appeal from the websites who use the copyrighted or duplicate content on their website. So, always make your own content. But you can get the ideas from other blogs or website only take an idea from them don’t copy anything from other blogs.

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Final Words:

These are the few tips which you need to take care of to approved your Google Ad Sense account fast. And if this Article helps you then simply Bookmark it and visits daily I will publish new articles on the daily basis so that I can help peoples around. If you need any help or want to ask a Question don’t hesitate to ask.


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