Top 5 Best Adsense Alternatives For YouTube Channel

Best Adsense Alternatives For YouTube sound this awesome. Are you searching for AdSense Alternative to make money on YouTube without using it, then you are on right place, believe me, has a lot of option to get 40% up revenue from your videos Without having Google Adsense account, Most Of the People thinks that they can’t Monetize their videos Without Adsense, for what I am going to write this article today.

Previously YT shows new policy to get 1000 Views to get Monetization on our new channel this was for only new channels but now days it got hard an other  illiterate policy Everyone know it that.


As you know YouTube has Changed his policy to first get 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers, now you can’t  Monetize with these things, even you got these still your account go for review then they approve it. Much shit thing review take a lot of time even 3 month..

For that we are going to other options for earn money from our videos, i found these best Alternatives for our channels these are very easy to use and also they give best revenue so let’s read..

Nowadays, the entertainment has changed & grown and because many of the peoples are making handsome money through blogging, video blogging, social networking websites like YouTube, Dailymotion and Other Video Website. Now it is all about the money-making blogging and vlogging.

Why Use Alternative of Google AdSense For YouTube

So, if YouTube has temporarily disabled monetization for your channel? Or it’s disabled permanently. Then you can use these alternatives to make money from YouTube videos, even if your channel is not eligible for monetization.

Here I have listed the top best high paying Adsense Alternatives For YouTube,These Advertising Networks helps you to generate more revenue than Google AdSense on YouTube Channels.

These all ad networks are already tested, and here you only have to submit the application with your YouTube channel’s details like your channel’s analytics reports, the number of videos you have published and a total number of your subscribers.

Apply to anyone of the Ad Network to start earning money from your published videos. You may already know How YouTube’s Monetization program works – YouTube gives you the 55% of your total earning while it takes 45% of it.
Unlike YouTube, some of these MCN gives you more revenue from YouTube.

5 Best AdSense Alternatives For YouTube Channel

#1. AdRev – Monetize YouTube Videos

This is preferred Best Adsense Alternatives For YouTubers. you only need to create great content on your YouTube channel and publish all of your videos online publicly and begin to get paid for doing what you’re keen on. this is YouTube Certified program; therefore, you’ll trust for monetizing all of your videos. Adrev helps to promote your channel across the network that gets 25+ Billion views annually.

you’ll get full creative management for making custom thumbnails and tools to boost discovery of your videos. you also get the coaching videos and support team from a YouTube Certified, dedicated partner manager. Furthermore, their copyright team will review your channel to ensure your channel meets their copyright policy. AdRev is trusted and safe.

Features & Channel Requirements:
Requires 500 visits per day
70-30 Revenue Sharing
Suitable for All Channels
Min. Payout $10 via PayPal
Apply for AdRev – Monetize YouTube

#2. Fullscreenmedia | Create & Make Money Vlogging Differently

Fullscreen is the premier international network that may assist you to take your channel to the next level. they provide advanced tools to optimize all of your videos for success and create additional revenue for you…

They have a huge community of creators that they will help to build up your audience and boost your income.

The video uploader tool offers the quick way to publish videos to YouTube and Facebook in one go, moreover, by using tools you can design beautiful thumbnails and improve your SEO – this will boost your channel listing in Youtube search.

You can backup all your original, uncompressed video files to their servers. A massive Music Library – here you can access 500,000+ completely free music and sound effects to make your videos glow.

Features & Channel Requirements:
It doesn’t share required visitor publicly, but it needs extended video views.
80-20 Revenue Sharing
Suitable for All Channels
Min. Payout 50 via PayPal
Original Content [No Copyright Strikes/illegal material].
Advanced Tools & Features

#3. Freedom ! – YouTube Partnership Network

This is the fast-growing YouTube Partnership network to make money from your channel. It will help you to grow your business and associate you to connect with other creators and build your multiple platforms to supercharge your YouTube channel.

This is the fully transparent ad network which allows revenue visibility for everyone. There is no need to sign a contract; you can leave this Ad Network at any time you want.

The biggest advantage is that this network simply ensures you that your original content videos are going to be taken care of by taking down any COPIES on YouTube.

This network helps you to stop creating copies of your videos. This MCN is the best AdSense alternative that pays you thought you’ve got created $1.

Features & Channel needs:
Requires 33 visits per day
Up to 95th revenue sharing
It is suitable for; gaming, Music, Vlog, Beauty, ETC
Minimum Payout is 1$ via PayPal

#4. VidGenX | Best YouTube Partnership Network

This is new but fast-growing YouTube MCN network. they have just started in 2015 and giving most revenue to all sort of little and huge YouTube content creators. This YouTube MCN facilitate to extend YouTubers channel viewer, subscriber, sponsorship, providing Content ID to our VIP partner with high revenue earnings.

They have 300,000+ royalty free music + [250,000+] sound effects with advanced tools and options and even have an experienced YouTube-certified support team, which are continuously ready to support you 24/7.

The clear dashboard of VidGenX shows you the detailed info of your channel’s subscribers, views on a video, YouTube revenue details and a unique app to claim your copied video.

The best part of VidGenX is that they permit you free access to TubeBuddy so that you can optimize your YouTube channel to boost additional traffic.

Features & Channel Requirements:
No specific views requirements.
95% Revenue Sharing
Freedom is suitable for almost every channel.
Minimum Payout from Freedom is $1 through PayPal, Check, Web Money, Direct Deposit, Yandex Money, QIWI Wallet.
Apply VidGenX | High Paying Alternatives to YouTube’s AdSense Platform

5. Machinima | Popular YouTube Network Focusing on Gaming

When building your audience to subscribers for your YouTube channels, the distribution of the content is important. The wider distribution is, the better way to grow your YouTube channel.

And Machinima offers the most extensive distribution in the competitive business, optimized & configured for maximum visibility, coverage, and trying to boost YouTube earnings across the entire networking sites. Machinima dominant video entertainment network is growing very fast and it is YouTube Certified MCN Network.

It is especially for the Gaming channels, the Machinima is one of the top best entertainment networks on YouTube which has 150K+ free music + FX & it helps you to secure the sponsorship, start campaigns and build awareness. If you have a gaming channel or you are publishing demographic game play videos on YouTube, then this Ad Network Is all that you want.

Features & Channel Requirements:
No particular views Required.
75-25 Revenue Sharing
Best for Gaming Channels,
Payment via PayPal
Apply to Grow Branding Gaming Channel Machinima

Final Words:

These are Top 5 Best Adsense Alternatives For YouTube if you got block from adsense then you can also use these, hope you will like them..If you have any doubt or any question feel free to ask in comment box, we will try out best to reply you fast..


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